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This site covers the basics of Photoshop. The step-by-step approach used throughout this site will make it simple to learn the basic techniques involved in using Photoshop. I recommend that you read them in the order in which they appear.

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 Photoshop Environment  
Lesson 01. How to Use the Toolbox Lesson 05. How to Select a Color
Lesson 02. How to Use the Menu Bars Lesson 06. How to Browse Files in Bridge
Lesson 03. How to Use Palettes Lesson 07. How to Use Rulers, Grids, and Guides
Lesson 04. How to Use the Color Picker
 Optimizing Photoshop  
Lesson 08. How to Use Multiple Views Lesson 12. How to Use the Preset Actions
Lesson 09. How to Use the History Palette Lesson 13. How to Create Custom Actions
Lesson 10. How to Create Custom Tool Presets Lesson 14. How to Set Up Batch Processing Options
Lesson 11. How to Create Custom Shortcuts
Lesson 15. How to Select Geometric Areas Lesson 19. How to Convert Selections to Paths
Lesson 16. How to Use the Polygonal Lasso Tool Lesson 20. How to Modify Selections
Lesson 17. How to Select by Color Range Lesson 21. How to Save and Load Selections
Lesson 18. How to Use Quick Mask
Lesson 22. How to Measure and Compare Pixel Val... Lesson 27. How to Sharpen Images
Lesson 23. How to Optimize the Tonal Range Lesson 28. How to Use Smart Sharpen
Lesson 24. How to Improve Contrast with Curves Lesson 29. How to Use Blur to Sharpen
Lesson 25. How to Improve Contrast Shadow/High.. Lesson 30. How to Convert Images to Grayscale
Lesson 26. How to Use the Dodge, Burn, and Sponge
Lesson 31. How to Make Global Color Corrections Lesson 34. How to Use the Color Replacement Tool
Lesson 32. How to Use the Match Color Command Lesson 35. How to Build Duotones for the Web
Lesson 33. How to Correct a Range of Colors Lesson 36. How to Build Duotones, Tritones, Quad..
Lesson 37. How to Resize Images Lesson 41. How to Warp an Image
Lesson 38. How to Add Canvas Lesson 42. How to Silhouette an Image
Lesson 39. How to Crop an Image Lesson 43. How to Use the Healing Brush
Lesson 40. How to Flip and Rotate an Image
 Drawing and Painting  
Lesson 44. How to Paint an Image Lesson 49. How to Draw Graphic Shapes
Lesson 45. How to Erase an Image Lesson 50. How to Build a Custom Brush
Lesson 46. How to Erase a Background Lesson 51. How to Use the Pattern Maker
Lesson 47. How to Use the History Brush Lesson 52. How to Apply Gradients
Lesson 48. How to Use the Clone Stamp Lesson 53. How to Create Custom Gradients
Lesson 54. How to Add Type to an Image Lesson 57. How to Build Filtered Text Effects
Lesson 55. How to Create 3D Text Lesson 58. How to Warp Text
Lesson 56. How to Create Typographic Style Sheets Lesson 59. How to Set Text on a Path
Lesson 60. How to Create a Straight-Edge Path Lesson 63. How to Convert a Path to a Selection
Lesson 61. How to Create a Curved Path Lesson 64. How to Stroke Paths
Lesson 62. How to Edit a Path Lesson 65. How to Create Clipping Paths
Lesson 66. How to Create and Move Layers Lesson 71. How to Transform Layers
Lesson 67. How to Link Layers Lesson 72. How to Create Adjustment Layers
Lesson 68. How to Create Clipping Masks Lesson 73. How to Add a Layer Mask
Lesson 69. How to Create Layer Groups Lesson 74. How to Merge and Flatten Layers
Lesson 70. How to Create Smart Objects Lesson 75. How to Create Layer Comps
 Digital Photography  
Lesson 76. How to Build a Contact Sheet Lesson 79. How to Reduce Noise
Lesson 77. How to Make Picture Packages Lesson 80. How to Build Panoramas
Lesson 78. How to Use the Red-Eye Tool